World Series Game 4 – San Francisco @ Texas – 10/31/10

After the previous night’s World Series victory I was very anxious for Game 4 later that evening but first off we had some other business to attend to. I was taking a look on Stubhub the night before and noticed that the Cowboys would be having a home game against the Jaguars at noon with the World Series game set to start at 5:05. This meant that there was a great opportunity for a Doubleheader – the Cowboys and the Rangers all in one day! I don’t have the photos from the Jaguars vs. Cowboys game on my current computer and they are on a memory card somewhere but I will spare the pictures and just let you know the Jaguars won. It was my first ever NFL game and I paid only $15 to sit in the nose bleed seats (which if anyone knows at Cowboys Stadium is not necessarily a bad thing).


We ended up making the short mile walk back to Rangers Ballpark after the game in preparation for batting practice. Nothing really came close to me as far as I remember. Excitement was still in the air as not only was it Game 4 of the World Series in Arlington but it was also Halloween! This meant many fans were dressed up in costume (here and at the Cowboys game as well) and it was certainly a different type of atmosphere. Take a look at who was taking in the scenes before the game started.


Shortly afterwards it was time to do the National Anthem and throw out the first pitch. Our ceremonial guests throwing out the first pitch was none other than the 41st POTUS – George Bush and the 43rd POTUS – George W. Bush who were accompanied by then Rangers President Nolan Ryan.


And it was game time! Here’s a shot of Tommy Hunter delivering the first pitch of Game 4 to Andres Torres.


Game Four wouldn’t be nearly as exciting for the Rangers fans thanks mainly in part to Madison Bumgarner. The rookie spun a gem in his World Series debut going eight innings and giving up only three hits. Bumgarner managed to strike out six Rangers while walking only two. San Francisco’s offense mainly came from Aubrey Huff’s two run homer in the third and rookie Buster Posey’s solo shot to deep center in the eighth inning. Andres Torres also had two doubles in the game and the eventual World Series MVP Edgar Renteria added three hits. Unfortunately, the next day would be the end of the World Series for the Rangers and I would not be able to attend Game 5 regardless because of school. It was certainly an amazing experience that I will never forget and despite not having actual seats for either game I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the 2010 World Series.


World Series Game 4 Stats:
San Francisco Giants 4, Texas Rangers 0

W – Madison Bumgarner (1-0)
L – Tommy Hunter (0-1)


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