Blog Update & 2014 Road Trip Plans

Alright guys wanted to post a quick update on the current status of my blog. I have several games I still need to blog about and while I seriously doubt it realistically happens I would love to have all of my games from 2011-2013 entered into the blog before I go on my road trip in a little over a month. It is still a good goal to have set (albeit perhaps not as realistic as I’d wish) but we shall see. Anyways here is my 2014 Road Trip schedule:

Sun. 6/15: Colorado @ San Francisco
Mon. 6/16: Texas @ Oakland
Tues. 6/17: Texas @ Oakland
Wed. 6/18: Colorado @ LA Dodgers
Thurs. 6/19: Seattle @ San Diego
Fri. 6/20: Texas @ LA Angels
Sat. 6/21: Texas @ LA Angels

I’ll be going back to Oakland and San Francisco after having been there in 2012. However, it will be my first time to LA and San Diego in nearly nine years. I was only 13 when I went the first time which seems like forever ago. So needless to say I don’t really remember as much of the ballparks as I do several others because they were some of the first ballparks I went to. I’m greatly looking forward to going back to LA and seeing how much I remember and how things have changed.


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