Road Trip 2010 – Comerica Park – 6/12/10

After our game in Milwaukee we drove towards Detroit calling it a night about halfway there. We really didn’t have any plans for Detroit so we got there about 2:30 or 3 and walked around the area. We didn’t see much but we went and ate before we headed back to the gates to get in. Originally in the scheduling we were going to attend the game on Sunday but I noticed that the Pirates and Tigers…err…the Crawfords and the Stars…would be playing in the 16th Annual Negro Leagues Tribute Game on Saturday night. I knew I wanted to go to this game and especially since it was a night game instead of a day game. In the long run, it paid off for the game we would attend the next day (more to come on that in the next entry) but regardless we picked a good game.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for comerica sign.JPG We got into the ballpark around 5:30 and batting practice wasn’t really that exciting as not too many baseballs came into the right field stands. I did come close to one but a guy was in front of me and it came exactly one row in front of me. What a shame but I couldn’t complain as the next week I would end up catching some baseball souvenirs! 

Before the game there was a presentation for some former Negro League players and merchandise was being sold on the streets, the concourse from jerseys to shirts to hats to anything you can think of. A red Detroit Stars hat was the giveaway on this night as we would be seeing the Pirates (Crawfords) and the Tigers (Stars) dress up in their extra baggy unis.JPGuniforms.

I thought it was cool seeing the Pirates once again sport Negro League uniforms once again as I saw the Pirates wear them last year at PNC Park against the Royals. I’m a sucker for uniforms and really do enjoy seeing teams wear different uniforms when I’m at the park. Maybe that’s kind of strange but I’ve always been attracted to the small things in baseball. I guess that’s what makes the game so fun. Either way, Negro Leagues Night was a great success I think as they were able to help some fans learn about the Negro Leagues and their famed history. Now onto the most important issue here…the ballpark!

tiger and park.JPGOverall, I’m going to be VERY honest here. I wasn’t impressed really. Nothing really made me want to be there. I mean don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad ballpark BUT nothing really made me just want to come there. It was more or less a ballpark to check off the list than a must see originally and it will remain that way. Sure the tiger statues are nice, the theme park isn’t annoying as it is said to be, the Little Caesars being everywhere doesn’t bother me really because of who the owner is, but I don’t know if I’d ever really want to go back to Detroit for a game.

We went to a night game and I’ve heard stuff about the area. It didn’t seem as bad as many people make it seem to be. I did like the wall with the players names and numbers, the fountain was okay and I really enjoy the fact it is a pitcher’s park as it’s nice to see a change of pace in seeing these “homer friendly” parks having been built recently. The Tigers are one of the teams “behind the times” as their scoreboard is the old matrix dot board with no color. After being at all of these ballparks with nice and new colored scoreboards it’s a shame to come here and see this. I can’t say much though as the Rangers have the same thing and I’m used to seeing it there.

det scoreboard.JPGOne thing is for sure that you always know you are at a Tigers game. With the several Tigers statues around the ballpark, there is no doubt you know you are in Detroit. We had pretty good seats for the game and the game was good but really other than that it seemed like it was just another ballpark. I didn’t go in with high expectations as many fans don’t really rave about Comerica but I knew going in I didn’t want to be disappointed. Sure it’s a nice place to catch a game if you like the Tigers or your favorite team is in town or if you’re a ballpark chaser but really other than that, it’s nothing special.

Crawford.JPGAs for the game, the Tigers would go on to win the game in the 10th inning with a walk-off Home Run by Carlos Guillen to right field. It was an offensive clinic despite only seven runs scoring as both teams combined for 22 hits and the Tigers had 13 of them. Pirates All-Star Evan Meek and Joel Zumaya both picked up blown saves after the Tigers scored two in the bottom of the seventh to make it 3 to 2 but the Pirates would respond back in the 8th with a run to tie it at 3. Paul Maholm gave up eight hits for the Pirates but only one run while Jeremy Bonderman gave up only six hits and two runs. Both had solid starts and went six innings but neither factored into the decision.


On the right is the celebration after Guillen’s bomb to end the game. This was about a week after Kendry Morales injury so of course there was prevention taken to insure that Guillen wouldn’t be injured. After the game we caught a very good fireworks show based to the tunes of, well you guessed it…Mo-Town. I don’t normally care about seeing fireworks at ballparks but I won’t leave if they are having them either. It was a good show that was very nice to see fireworks and just kick back and relax after having traveled for a week.

123.JPGSo, overall Comerica Park was just okay. The fans weren’t really too excited about the game (yes, I know they were playing the Pirates!) but still. The food, the atmosphere, the ballpark just doesn’t really add up to make it a must see park. As for a ballpark chaser like me it’s not bad to go and see once but for the diehard ballpark chasers, I couldn’t see going back to Detroit being a dire need. Like I said above if you are a Tigers fan or your team is in town, go catch a game. But without a doubt this is no Tiger Stadium we are talking about!

Road Trip 2010 Game Stats: 

Final Score: Detroit 4, Pittsburgh 3

W – Phil Coke (4-0)

L – Brendan Donnelly (2-1)


Road Trip 2010 Fun Stats:

Guess the Winner Game: 3-2 (Detroit, Minnesota, Detroit)

Home Team Record: 4-1

Total Runs Scored: 49

Away Team Runs Scored: 15

Home Team Runs Scored: 34

Home Runs: Miguel Cabrera, Jason Kubel, Brennan Boesch, Alexei Ramirez, Ramon Castro, Miguel Cabrera, Brent Lillibridge, Ryan Braun, Vladimir Guerrero, Casey McGehee, Corey Hart, Prince Fielder, Garrett Jones, Carlos Guillen

Teams Watched on Road Trip ’10: Detroit 3x, Kansas City 2x, Minnesota, Chicago White Sox, Texas, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh

Ballpark Giveaways: Bret Saberhagen Bobbleheads (Kansas City), Sue 10th Anniversary Team Posters (Chicago White Sox), Sports Authority Coupon (Milwaukee), Detroit Stars Negro League Hat (Detroit Tigers),

And the ballpark rankings which are based on the experience, the building itself, the fans, and mostly my final thoughts on all of these combined together. Target Field has still not been unthroned from number one yet but US Cellular has been shifted down to four while Miller Park takes over at three. Comerica is going to take number five for now as I was the least impressed with Comerica as we have now reached the halfway point for the 2010 Midwest Road Trip.

Ballpark Rankings :

1. Target Field (Minnesota Twins)

2. Kauffman Stadium (Kansas City Royals)

3. Miller Park (Milwaukee Brewers) 

4. US Cellular Field (Chicago White Sox)

5. Comerica Park (Detroit Tigers)





  1. southernbelle

    Hey! This is the first time I’ve visited your blog and like it! I wish I could take road trips to different stadiums. That’s so cool. I’ve only been to the 2 Yankee Stadiums and some minor league parks. I hope to see Camden Yards someday soon.

  2. gmoney91

    Thanks. Actually I went to Camden last year and I’m going to eventually work on my entries from last year. I don’t know when that’ll be but once I get these done I’d like to just write some article type entries on baseball and the events going on in it.

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